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Energy Efficient, Secure and Low Maintenance. Made From Natural Renewable Sources, Modern Timber Windows Are The Right Choice.

Window Shopping? Time to Turn Back to Timber

Timber Windows Windows play an important role in the energy efficiency 
and environmental impact of your home.

Choosing the right material is also important 
to the world we live in.

Modern timber windows are made from certified sustainable 
sources, and as trees are renewable its source is endless. 
PVC however uses the earths limited oil reserve, production 
and disposal of PVC windows involves 6 out of the 15 most 
hazardous chemicals listed by European governments for 
priority elimination. It may be a cheaper alternative but 
the planet cannot afford it.

Natural and from a renewable source, timber windows have 
been around for over 100 years. With modern technology 
they are energy efficient and secure with a service life 
longer than PVC. Maybe it’s time to think timber.

Especially as good quality timber windows are an investment that can last a lifetime. 
In fact manufacturers offer extensive service life and paint/stain warranties. A high 
performance, factory finished window has a service life of at least 35 years.

Aesthetically Pleasing, Renewable and Sustainable

The Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH), under which all new house 
building will be zero carbon rated, comes into effect in 2016 and timber window 
manufacturers have been amongst the first in the construction industry to meet 
this challenge.

Some timber windows already score an A+ rating or maximum eco-credits under 
the Government’s Code for Sustainable Homes, which is the highest level that 
can be achieved.

As a result, today’s timber windows can help you to reduce your home’s energy 
costs and its CO2 emissions.

The Facts

Did you know timber windows carry the same guarantees as PVC?

Did you know young trees soak up more carbon dioxide? 
At around 80-100 years, old softwood trees uptake is dramatically slowed 
and they begin to release methane gas as they begin to die and decay. 
Harvesting trees ensures the carbon sink of the forests is maintained 
at its peak.

Using timber in the manufacture of windows captures all this stored carbon, 
so it’s not released into the air.

Timber windows can achieve better energy performance than other materials.

There are timber windows still in good condition that are over 100 years old.

The minimum service life of timber windows is greater than that of PVC windows.

Dependant on location re-decorating intervals can be up to 10 years, 
after which a wipe down and light sanding before coating is all that’s required.

We grow more trees in Europe than we fell, thus creating an increase in forest 
across Europe by the equivalent of 3 football pitches per hour day and night.

How Much Will I Save?

Timber windows are an investment that will increase your property value. 
The use of inappropriate replacement windows and door sets is often cited 
by estate agents as being one of the main reasons for buyers being put off 
a home. Research conducted by the BBC has shown that the use of plastic 
windows in period properties can knock up to £12,000 off their value. 
Even the British Plastic Industry advises you to consider other materials 
over plastic in period properties (Source PVC Aware pvcaware.org). 
In addition wood windows will save around 7% off your energy bills.

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