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The fast and efficient way to make a difference


The Facts

A 100w light bulb left on for just 1 hour creates enough CO2 to fill a party balloon.
UK households spend around £2.4 billion every year on electricity to power their lighting.

The Solution

Energy saving light bulbs use different technology 
that enable them to produce a highly efficient and 
compact light using a fraction of the energy.
If you buy an energy efficient light bulb rather than 
the other alternatives, you can cut energy wastage 
by over three quarters. That’s a saving of £3 a year 
for an average bulb, or up to £6 for brighter bulbs, 
or those used for more hours a day.
Replacing all the remaining traditional inefficient 
light bulbs in your house could save you around 
£50 and 170kg CO2 a year, or £675 and 3 tonnes 
of CO2 over the lifetime of the bulbs.
Energy efficient bulbs last around 10 times 
longer than their inefficient counterparts.

The Stats

If everyone in the UK switched all their remaining 
traditional inefficient light bulbs to energy saving 
light bulbs, the electricity saved in just one year 
would run the UK’s street lighting for over 5 years 
or provide electricity for every house in London 
for 11 months.
If every UK household installed just one extra energy 
saving light bulb in their house, the CO2 saved would 
be equivalent to taking 93,000 cars off the UK’s roads.




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