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A Fridge Stays Cold by Extracting the Heat From Inside IT. An Air Source Heat Pump Works by Doing the Opposite - Extracting The Heat From the Air Outside Your Home and Projecting it Inside.


This Isn’t Just a Lot of Hot Air

Put simply, an air source heat pump absorbs the heat from the air outside your 
home and uses it for warming water, radiators or under-floor heating in your home.

There Are Two Main Types

The first is an air-to-water system, which warms the water in your home. Because the 
temperature of this water is lower than that produced by a domestic boiler, they tend 
to be used for under-floor heating systems rather than radiators.

The second type is an air-to-air system, which produces warm air to be circulated 
by fans to heat your home.

Air Source Heat Pumps

The Benefits Add Up

Air source heat pumps can save you energy and money. In addition, they are convenient 
because they run on electricity only, so you don’t need supplies of gas, oil or solid fuels. 
They are also highly beneficial if space is at a premium because the air source heat pump 
is compact and doesn’t take up much room.

How Much money Will I Save?

Based on an air source heat pump providing all the space heating for a well insulated 
detached home, savings of around £380-£610 a year are possible (depending on the heat pump's performance - 220% - 300%), if you are replacing electricity 
as your main source of heating fuel.

Much depends on the size of your home, how many people live there and their usage.

Carbon Saving - Air Source Heat Pumps

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