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35% of Our Domestic Heat Is Lost Through Uninsulated cavity walls

What Is A cavity wall?

The gap between the 'leaves' or walls of the building which was originally created to allow any rainwater that penetrates through the outside wall, to drain down the inside of the wall to below the damp proof course (DPC).




Why Get cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation works by trapping air in and around the material injected into the cavity and can reduce the heat lost from your home by 35%.

At The Warmer Group, we provide the latest cavity wall insulation solutions including InstaBead and InstaFibre. All work is carried out by our fully skilled engineers and comes complete with a 25 year CIGA guarantee.


cavity wall insulation Will Provide Immediate Benefits Including:

  • The ability to turn your heating thermostat down
  • Reduced draughts from badly fitting window frames, sills or doorframes
  • Helps to eliminate condensation 

InstaFibre for cavity wall insulation

Instafibre is a blown mineral wool which, once installed for the cavity wall insulation, forms an insulative barrier which retains the heat inside your home.

It works by storing the heat in the inner wall and radiating it back into the home with the effect that you can turn down your heating without losing out on comfort. It also maintains a constant temperature throughout the home.

One of the benefits of this is to help eliminate condensation on walls. Draughts are also reduced as InstaFibre seals off the gap around badly fitted doors and window frames. 

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InstaClad Solid Wall External Insulation

InstaFibre Cavity Wall Insulation

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