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insulation FAQs

Is my house suitable for cavity wall insulation?

It is very hard to categorically say whether a property requires cavity wall insulation without a surveyor visiting the property and assessing it on site. Hence why we offer a free, no obligation survey. Generally, properties which were built within the past 12 years would not need cavity wall insulation as Government standards have been so stringent. However, you should not take it for granted that every developer has complied with Government Regulations.

Which cavity wall insulation is better, beads or wool?

Our surveyor will advise which product is best for your property. Beads are 3% higher in energy saving and create 60% fewer holes which can prove more practical to install into certain designs of properties. Wool is a natural mineral blown fibre and generally creates the same desired effect as the beads.

How big are the holes for:

Beads - Just under the size of a 2 pence piece. See also InstaBead

Wool - Just over the size of a 2 pence piece. See also InstaFibre

How long does the work take?

This very much depends upon the size of the property. Upon visiting your property, the surveyor should be able to give you this information and advise what cavity wall insulation or solid wall insulation and loft insulation you may need.

For loft insulation, do I have to clear my loft space?

Yes - due to Health and Safety and our Insurance Liability the loft must be clear.

What if I have a bit of old insulation? Do I have to clear that?

No, it is not necessary to clear out old insulation as we lay new loft insulation on top. However, we can clear it out but this would not be covered by the grant. This is a costly exercise as it requires an initial visit to pull out the old insulation, we vacuum and disinfect the area, and then we return to install the new loft insulation.

Does my house have cavity wall insulation and loft Insulation?

If you are not aware of what level of insulation you already have, the simplest action to take is to call us and arrange a visit from one of our surveyors to conduct a free, no obligation survey. They will be able to tell you if you have sufficient cavity wall insulation (if any) to ensure maximum heat retention and then recommend relevant improvements.

Even if you know you have some cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation or loft insulation, it may be advisable to have a 'top-up' to increase the warmth generated in the home. The government currently requires you to have 10 inches' of loft insulation.

Do we insulate the water pipes and tank when insulating the loft space?

Yes. We insulate the cold water tank and pipes when necessary. However, we can do the Hot Water Tank Jacket at a small extra cost, as this is not covered by the grant.

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