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Biomass boiler

Biomass boilers 

A biomass boiler, or wood boiler, is the other main alternative and, as the name suggests, relies on wood pellets, chips or logs to generate heat. Wood pellet boilers are very cheap in comparison to the other alternatives, costing an estimated £600 a year to run, and are energy efficient.

The carbon dioxide given off by wood pellet boilers is similar to that absorbed by new plants, so it is a sustainable fuel. Pellets are the most practical solution for biomass boilers even though logs are cheaper, as they can be automatically fed in to the system. You will have to find a supplier for your pellets though. The Energy Saving Trust estimates installation costs between £7,000 and £13,000, and a tonne of wood pellets can cost under £200.

They emit around 3 tonnes fewer of carbon dioxide a year compared to a gas boiler, but there are some things to be aware of.

Unlike gas or oil boilers, a wood pellet boiler will generate ash, so you will have to empty it out approximately once a week. The ash may be self-cleaned depending on the boiler, but if you don’t keep it clean it could shut down.

Biomass boilers tend to be slightly bigger than gas or oil boilers and you will also need somewhere to store the heating fuel. Likewise, you will need a flue or chimney, which may mean you need planning permission, so be sure to check the regulations for your property in advance. You will also need to maintain the flue pipe or chimney to keep it clean of soot deposits.

HETAS, the official biomass body, recommends you do this about twice a year. You will also need to make sure your flue or chimney is clear of debris or bird’s nests.

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Many thanks to yourself Aisha and Russel for the advice and guidance with this installation.

Could not of asked for a better service, clean and tidy install. Efficient workmen and...

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